Monday, December 9, 2013

Monsters vs. The Skeleton Army

We moved to a new house, we had to live there. But, we started seeing skeletons. There was a skeleton army! So we called the monsters, and the monsters came to attack! The skeletons were really scared, because the monsters were HUGE! The monsters started to crush them: CRUSH! SCTCHSSS! BAM! Then they would pick them up and fly them away to drop them, sheeeeeew, splat! And then all the skeletons were dead. They always stick together, and they get cracked when they get stepped on my Godzilla's foot. Then they stick to Gidras foot.

(L2: "There are two Gidras, right brother?" L1: "I'm telling the story!")

There is only one monster at a time, otherwise they end up fighting each other. So the monster destroyed the skeleton army and we could live there.

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